The reason Roadwolf Design exists: combining a passion for riding and design.

A dedicated motorcyclist and graphic designer merged the two and created these cool motorcycle designs.

Roadwolf Design, owned by a passionate rider and designer, has come up with shirts and motorcycle safety designs that communicate a love of motorcycling.

So, how do you get yours?

These shirts will be sold through a pre-order process only. Due to the sizing, color, design, and style variables, these shirts will have a four week pre-order window. At the end of that time frame, that order batch will conclude and all orders placed up to that point will be sent into production. Allow for 10 business days from the end of the pre-order process to when your shirts will be shipped out to you. The next day after the two week pre-order process has concluded, a new one will begin, repeating every four weeks. This method of ordering and shipping allows for Roadwolf Design to have exactly on hand what you want shipped to you. The pre-order deadline date to have your order in will be clearly indicated in the shopping description at the time of purchase. The bumper stickers (and more at are in stock and available to ship immediately.

How much do they cost?

The shirts are $25.00 for AS-AXL and $28.00 for A2X-A3X. Shipping is $5.00 per shirt US and $12.00 worldwide. The Here's My Sign shirt is a 100% cotton Hanes Tagless Beefy T and the Boxer Power Heritage is a trip-blend soft touch Next Level shirt (Very Comfortable). The color of the shirts are black only. The bumper sticker is $3.99 each. Quantity pricing is available. Just contact at for pricing.

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